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    The Co-operative Schools Network (CSNET) is the operational arm of the Schools Co-operative Society and is managed by the team at CSNET LASER, the London/SE region.

    There are four regions around the country working together to develop a strong co-operative education family which shares ideas and best practice freely.
    Please visit the SCS website and contact your own regional office or contact the CSNET LASER office for further information.

To find your local region, either


Covering the London and the South East Region including all London Boroughs, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, East and West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

We have regional officers based in Brighton, Folkestone and Southampton.

All correspondence should be sent to our Folkestone Office:

The Woodshed, Bail Steps, Folkestone CT20 1AS

Please contact us if you would like some more information about the Co-operative Schools Network including if you feel you can add value to our schools and if you could help with building the network in your local region.

What We Do

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