Co-operative Schools Network

  • Professional Services

    As a network, working across a large number of schools and working with each other at regional level, we are able to benefit from economies of scale to offer a core set of professional services, enabling schools to focus on education management and education improvement work.

We work with a growing range of business partners who are ready and willing to work with our family of schools, offering good value and cost-effective services.

To download the current service menu for London and South East region, please click here.

Many of these services are freely available to our friends and partners in other regions.

The expertise really does stretch from A-Z, including education consultants, performance coaches, finance and HR managers, facilities and grounds managers. Our aim to is provide any easy way for all our members to access everything they need to run their school and focus on the education of their young people.

By developing the economies of scale of our larger network as well as the varied experiences of our existing schools, we provide significant benefits to members. We work with our principle of co-operation amongst co-operatives and all of the companies we work with are either co-operatives themselves or share our values and principles. Our real ‘education dividend‘ comes from the resources within our network: our members are encouraged to exchange ideas and work together to improve the service we offer our children and young people, wherever possible. Let us know if we can help!

CSNET has been set up to benefit all of our members and to support cross-regional partnership.

Our services and activities are costed so that schools should not pay more than is necessary to reward the individual or the organisation for their work; any surplus is ploughed back into our infrastructure.

Our members help us to decide how any surplus is put aside or appropriately used for education purposes, for example to support one of our international education projects.

In 2016, we committed to supporting two extraordinary projects and we are proud to have helped both towards their goal of bringing education to those who would not otherwise have that opportunity:

The School Bus project is a simple idea, in an extraordinary situation of mass migration, with hundreds of thousands fleeing war-torn areas, economic misery or other situations which no child should have to experience.  You can find out more here;

The Bedomase Project builds on a long-term partnership between the East Dacorum Trust and Longdean School in Hertfordshire.  The goal is simple: to fund a new secondary school in an impoverished district of central Ghana.

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