Co-operative Schools Network

  • Professional Support

    We aim to provide professional support to all our members both in good times and whenever they are facing a real challenge.

We are working to support schools and education providers by promoting the co-operative values and principles. Our purpose is to help to develop and maintain outstanding co-operative schools, to ensure the rapid improvement of schools which need support and to act as a vehicle for enabling the sharing of best practice and economies of scale though co-operation.

We will work with any school who shares the co-operative values and principles, regardless of legal structure, OFSTED rating or current status. Our aim to to support all schools to become and remain good or outstanding and we believe that every school has the potential to achieve this.

Our network aims to:

  • promote co-operative values and principles
  • facilitate mutual support through the sharing of good practice
  • develop 21st Century co-operative learning communities
  • promote good governance through structures that guarantee involvement for key stakeholders.

As a network we believe that our schools

  • Should be the preferred choice for young people and parents when selecting a school.
  • Should be the preferred choice for staff when seeking a position in a school

As a project supported and directed by our member schools, we aim to provide them with the support and challenge that will enable them to be highly successful.

The legal structure of a co-operative school is only the machinery for the education service which they provide.  It is not what is on the label, but what is inside that really matters!

We can advise on a number of models, working in partnership with Stone King, our legal advisers, but more importantly, we can help to make you feel a welcome member of the wider network of co-operative education providers.

Co-operative Foundation Trusts

There are now hundreds of schools across the country which have adopted guidance set out in the 2006 Education and Inspections Act to create a living and dynamic education partnership using the model of a charitable Foundation Trust.

Co-operative Academy Models

Academy status is now part of the education landscape. Over the last five years, our experts at the Schools Co-operative Society have developed an academy model which stays true to co-operative values and principles. This is a model which is recognised and approved by the DfE – further details on their website.

To support co-operative academies, established or in the making, we can help you to access the considerable experience of existing co-operative academies.

If you would like to find out more about co-operative education models or any other aspect of our work please contact us.

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