Our Power is our Membership

CSNET and The Schools Cooperative Society have been working since 2009 to represent all schools using cooperative education models. Since 2018, CSNET has been commissioned to provide services and support for the cooperative network and its development.

As a not for profit organisation, overseen by a National Advisory Board nominated by our members, our purpose is to strengthen the identity, voice and capacity of the Cooperative Schools movement, through work with Trusts, schools, and in classrooms.

Our mission in 2021 is to build our active membership at a time of crisis in education, where representative cooperative voices can find collective solutions through solidarity, autonomy, and self-responsibility. Our voice is central to challenging policy and actions that may undermine local communities, cooperative education, and social justice, and to offer alternatives.

We now have around 200 member schools, supported through a regional structure for the North, Central, West and South East regions.

The Cooperative Schools Network is proud to represent its members at a national level, providing a vehicle for cooperative voices, working together to offer the best in services, and supporting schools and Trusts in developing best practices.

The pandemic brought many challenges and tragedy, but it also reawakened community power and cooperation; we want to make sure the cooperative education movement is strengthened this decade by building connections, capacity and commitment across our brilliant member network.

All schools that are cooperative (part of a Cooperative Foundation Trust or Cooperative Multi-Academy Trust) are welcome to become members of the Cooperative Schools Network, for a small annual subscription. This is used to keep the network running on a not-for-profit basis, elevate cooperative voice, and provide services and support to Trusts and schools. We have a written agreement to ensure that any subscription surplus goes into reserve for future use by and for our members. Many in the CSNET team work for nothing more than the satisfaction of supporting our values in practice. It’s what cooperatives do.

We have four CSNET Regions: Northern, Central, Western, and London and the South East. The four CSNET regions each has a Regional Forum with a local Regional Ambassador. From these representative bodies, a delegate is provided to join our National Advisory Board, which agrees policy and strategic decisions for the network as a whole.

For more information about our network and for details on how you could get involved or join us, please get in touch.