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Cooling the temperature

Extending school provision after ‘lockdown’ is not going to be quite as easy as it was made to sound just two weeks ago by the top man at Number 10. Today’s latest announcement of “the science” – leaning towards a cautious position – will reassure some, unsettle others. It may unfortunately unravel the hard work done by many with the […]

Crisis management: the art of the possible

The function of policy is to set out parameters within which operational delivery can reasonably be managed, sanctioned and supported. This week’s government announcements and DfE guidance have provoked something of a crisis for education, as a result of putting political gestures ahead of democratic process – and more problematically, ahead of any meaningful reality check. Pundits, bloggers and voices […]

Opening up a can of worms

With the Prime Minister’s familiar use of megaphone management at a safe distance from consequences over the weekend and the DfE hastily compiling a listing of can-do, should-do must-do theoretical guidelines, the education community is facing a problem. Schools have been publicly thrown down the professional gauntlet of opening up again “from” June 1st – and this of course is […]

We’ll meet again

Although it’s a Bank Holiday and one which marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day – Victory in Europe – it’s stating the obvious to say that this is different. It’s quieter, more subdued – just look at those fabulous street parties of 1945 and it makes you wish for that spirit of release, freedom. In other ways, there are […]

Coop schools’ contribution to combatting CoVid19

Great to see the story of Coop Academy Manchester Science department contributing goggles and their technology staff working together to provide PPE to local surgeries and care home workers. Along with other coop school superstars around the country, school staff at CAM have been playing their part in supporting key workers – providing a place of safety for their children, […]

Cooperation is rife.

In the midst of an unprecedented national crisis, with the gloomy tome and tone of government trying hard to make logistics sound like leadership, what is truly striking is the renewed strength of the core values driving our communities – community leadership through cooperation is rife. Cooperatives themselves are contributing in many ways, but there is a wider social movement […]

Dear Diary… HT CoVid19

Co-operative Head Teacher David Hood – at Cressex Community School – started compiling a chronology of events as the CoVid19 outbreak started to become a threat to normality. His notes created a crucial guide to the situation for his Governing Board during the early stages of re-calibrating provision. The ‘diary’ also reflects the pace of developments which schools have had […]

The Co-operative Chair

Great to see a series of messages from Godalming Learning Partnership Chair, Michael Guest –¬†encouraging and appreciating the school leadership group, noting and endorsing practical co-operative arrangements for the best care of children. ¬†Simple, but so effective. ‘Dear Colleagues One again, thank you to all Heads and staff for the commitment and flexibility shown continuing in week 2 of these […]