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CSNET Regions

Our organisation and our work is supported with a developing structure of regional networks – each with their own membership-appointed regional advisory board.

On this page you’ll find some basic information about each of the four regions, including contacts and current activity which is ongoing. It is part of our commitment to make CSNET and SCS into a body of democratic, membership led learning communities.

If you’d like to know more or would like to support your local region, fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

LASER (London and South East Region)

LASER was the first region to be established, back in 2010, with a launch conference attended by over 80 schools committed to working together.

In 2020 – ten years on – we have over 100 schools in this group, with notable Trusts including KSENT – embracing all SEND providers in the county of Kent. Southampton is an outstanding education City of cooperation, where we now have 25 schools working in cooperative Trusts and working across partnerships. Other groups are active in areas of Surrey, Hertfordshire, Essex, Enfield and Lewisham


The original heartland of cooperation, Manchester and the North is an area which has seen significant work by The Cooperative College and others to encourage cooperation work among schools. Our membership here is showing signs of a slight resurgence in interest after a turbulent period in education management.

Our members are to be found in Manchester, Leeds and other cities.


The West Country – Devon and Cornwall in particular – saw extraordinary growth in cooperation Trust development from 2009-2014 with support from local authorities and rural communities being a key factor.

Since then, a number of schools have been absorbed into academy trusts and no longer support the cooperative model; however we have also seen new groupings with the emergence of a new Coop Trust in Braunton and the rejoining of a number of schools in Cornwall.


The Central region is more or less what it sounds like: an area stretching across the middle of the country from East to West and with the Midlands a key centre of cooperative education.