LGBT+ History Month

The Cooperative Schools Network intentionally values the rich diversity of our members and their communities. Our diversity is our strength. We are therefore proud to support LGBT+ History Month. We are inspired by the previously unheard voices of the past, the rich contributions LGBT+ people have made to their communities and countries, and the struggles they have overcome to live […]

A cooperative journey 2010-20

My personal cooperative journey has been a ten-year road trip towards the realisation of a shared vision. The first milestone on my journey was as a delegate to the Schools Cooperative Society Conference, back in 2010. My own school, Foundry Lane Primary School (in Southampton) was aiming to be one of the new schools helping to achieve the goal of […]


It’s not over yet. The school year, I mean – not the virus. It sounds like the virus could be around for some time, part of the atmosphere we share, the sense of crisis in the world. It’s brought out the full spectrum of symptoms of dysfunction in society: antisocial behaviour soared fourfold even before the easing of restrictions in […]


We welcome new members who support the cooperative values and work in the education sector. You can join as an individual or as a school or learning centre – and we would welcome you to the family…. The International Cooperative Values and Principles matter to us – not surprisingly. What also matters is how these are turned into good practice […]

What’s next: asteroids?

As the latest official blog from the DfE seems to suggest that there has been a minor misunderstanding…. we take a look forward to see what is coming up in the new school year. It is either pretty brave or pretty foolish to try and do so with any morsel of management planning capacity remaining, as we hurtle, shell-shocked and […]