Our Membership Offer

Owned and directed by its members, CSNET exists to strengthen the identity, voice and capacity of the Cooperative Schools movement, through work with Trusts, schools, and in classrooms. CSNET benefits schools in three main areas:

  1. Professional Support: responding to members’ immediate needs, we provide a call centre, bi-weekly Zoom surgeries, and personal contact for a range of issues. Responding to our members’ strategic needs, we support Trusts and schools by working with them on priorities in governance, cooperative education, and learning. We support and share best business management practices.
  2. Professional Services: we have a growing menu of CPD, support services and partnership resources, and access to best value procurement.
  3. Professional Voice: we represent our members’ voices through our Regional Boards, as the truly representative voice of cooperative education. We link with major unions, professional networks and others to represent our membership on the national stage.

The key element to cooperative education is the way in which groups of schools support each other, cooperating across the network. We are here to build relationships and connections between schools in our membership family, so that they can support each other and learn together.

We help cooperation happen across our network, but there is also so much to be proud of at the local level. From a Trust that has been at the forefront of community-wide COVID testing initiatives, to those that have developed remote learning best practices, our members’ responses to the extraordinary challenges of 2020 have been exemplary. We are excited to share case studies and examples with you through this website and our newsletters.