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National Director for the Cooperative Schools Network January 2021

– applications now closed, sorry!

Almost 1000 people viewed this vacancy, which is simply amazing: we’d like to thank you all for your interest and look forward to revealing the successful candidate as our new National Director in a few weeks time!

CSNET is well established as the national network for 150+ co-operative schools. We offer support and a voice for this unique education movement.

We are looking for someone to lead CSNET from the beginning of next year: a person with outstanding organisational and management skills – who at the same time will be a tireless advocate for the cause of cooperative values and principles in education settings across the country.

We want someone with a proven track record in driving change, improvement and development.

  • Someone who will raise the national profile of our network
  • Someone who really understands how learning communities work
  • Someone who will work with our members to celebrate the impact of the international co-operative values and principles in their work
  • Someone who will communicate with and connect our membership 
  • Someone who will support our membership and their work, using all of the resources at our disposal.

Jon O’Connor, our current ND writes…. 

“Speaking from experience – this is a really unique and exciting role, working with our growing family of schools across the country,  building up connections, opportunities and partnerships to help each other deal positively with the many challenges of the time!

CSNET operates as a not-for-profit, with any surpluses held for our membership for the following year and for new projects to support schools.
We operate on a really low-cost and best value basis:
in 2019, we were able to put £30,000 aside for our members 
and still keep our subscription contributions as low as possible.

Our members have the final say, with several ways of deciding priorities – including the appointment of my successor.
Your views would be very welcome on this appointment!

The job involves strategic planning of services, policy and finance working with and reporting to our National Advisory Board, which represents all four regions.
Operationally, we offer advice lines, guidance papers, professional CPD, school improvement partnership, procurement… you name it. 
For me, a key part of the role is our casework and professional support,  in a very real sense – identifying solutions and help when it counts most.”