Professional Support

New Longton Primary School, Lancashire

The heart of our work is building effective partnerships and supporting successful learning communities, through Trust governance, school performance, and classroom practices. This is how we strengthen cooperative education together.

Responsive Support

As a human-centred member organisation, we are only ever a phone call, email, what’s app message, or video call away. Our contact line is always open and if we are unavailable, you’ll hear back from us very quickly. We have bi-weekly Zoom surgeries to meet member need, and a range of supports for both pre- and post-inspection. Our growing directory of case studies and working partnerships between Trusts and across schools means we can readily draw on expertise across our members.

Developmental Support

We have a targeted set of offers to enhance Trust resilience and school achievement.

  • Good Governance: governance review and training focused on securing Cooperative Values and Principles; shaping strategy and its evaluation; building democratic processes
  • Good with Schools: an ethical school improvement model, working in collaborative partnership with member schools. A collaborative evaluation helps us identify priorities which we then target through our membership offer, peer-to-peer support, or at-cost adviser support 
  • Good Business: networking and support for Business Managers and Finance Officers in best practice working
  • Cooperative Learning: a set of learning modules in development focused on cooperative values in action; cooperative classroom practices; international cooperation
  • In addition: self-service CPD; capacity building in middle and senior leadership; SEND best practice consultancy.