Some Current Priorities

This section of the website sets out some of our work in progress: issues that are to the foreground in our thinking and action; some of the current education development work the core of our cooperative mission.

Black Lives Matter

2020 drew further attention to structural inequalities both in the UK and elsewhere. At Coop Schools, we know we have more to do to build equity and inclusion in our organisation, and secure anti-racism.

Photo by James Eades

To that end, our ambition is to:

  • Place our work in reducing structural inequality in the context of Cooperative Values
  • Confirm to members our views and beliefs on structural racism through a public statement
  • Provide an advice note to our members on key areas schools may wish to re-evaluate, including governance and representation, opportunities for pupils, school councils and communities, curriculum content, and cultural responsiveness
  • Share across the network examples of good practice and anti-racist resources 
  • Collaborate and communicate across regions to support work on evaluating impact

The working paper can be downloaded by clicking here. If you want to support us in this work, please get in touch.

Some recommended reading:

Wish We Knew What to Say: Talking with Children About Race by Pragyar Agarwal

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

How To Be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X Kendi

Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do by Claude Steele

Regional Development

We’re continuing to build a responsive and representative regional structure, with a CSNET Regional Ambassador working alongside a member-driven Regional Advisory Board to help with development work. We want to be truly representative and inclusive in our Advisory Boards. If you would be interested in joining the one in your area, please do let us know.

Professional Support

We are ambitious about meeting the needs of our members at all level of their organisations. For this reason, we are targeting development of our support portfolio, and are very keen to work with schools and Trusts on piloting:

Good Governance: our model for supporting Trust Boards and school governors in their ethical and strategic roles, shaping direction for their families of schools.

Good With Schools: our model of ‘doing good with and for schools’, where we support members in building the best cooperative education practices in inclusive learning, school and community culture, strategic leadership, and mutual accountability

Good Business: our support for Business Managers in Trust schools by building connections across the cooperative network and securing best value practices

Cooperative Learning: our toolkit for cooperative learning in classrooms, from learning about values, to pair, group and whole class co-operation.

If your Trust or school is keen to get started with us on any of these areas, do let us know.