Work in progress

This section of the website sets out some of our work in progress; a mixture of services that we would like to highlight and some of the current education development work which lies at the core of our purpose.

Black lives matter

In response to the widespread recognition of inequalities in our society and globally, CSNET has begun work to examine our own position and response.

The working paper can be downloaded by clicking here.

Regional Development

North, Central, West & LASER

We’re continuing to build a responsive & representative regional structure, with a CSNET Regional Lead working alongside a member-driven Regional Advisory Board to help with development work. If you would be interested in joining the one in your area, please do let us know.

Click here… Get in touch and we can tell you more!

Good with Schools

Our values matter. What also matters is that those values make a difference to the lives of children and young people. We monitor the performance and experience of our member schools and respond proactively with support when schools are facing challenges. Equally we identify schools where innovation or good practice can be shared more widely.

The Good with Schools programme supports this: an outline can be downloaded here