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Professional Support

The legal structure of any co-operative school is simply the architecture for the education service which they provide. The provision for democratic involvement of members of the learning community is a key feature.
However, it is not what is on the label, but what is inside that really matters!

As a network we believe that co-operative learning communities

  • Should provide strong values driven and creative education as the preferred choice for young people and parents
  • Should be positive and rewarding places of work for all of our staff

CSNET aims to provide the support and the challenge that will enable all of our schools to be highly successful.
We have a proactive approach to working with our network of schools, to offer ideas and support and opportunities.
We can also advise on complex and difficult issues. We have helped in many cases to resolve legal issues, to improve key relationships within the leadership team, to identify positive training and development work.
And much more besides!

“Thank you for everything that you have done for Southborough and for the other schools in our Cooperative Trust. I have really appreciated your hard work in getting us to where we are.
All four of the schools in this group are stronger and better for having worked with you and our current structure is the best possible one for all of our schools – thank you for enabling this to happen.”
Patrick Foley, CSNET member, Bromley